Health Worker Training


There are only 2 doctors and 9 nurses available for every 10,000 people in Africa. This means that there are too few health workers to reach the millions in urgent need of care. This is why Amref Health Africa has made training health workers at all levels – from community volunteers to midwives, nurses and doctors - the cornerstone of our work.


We particularly focus on community health workers because they are often the only link to health care for millions of people in rural areas and are capable of providing simple, but life-saving interventions.


By leveraging innovative technologies such as eLearning and mobile learning, we are able to train health workers rapidly and cost-effectively.



Program Examples


Health Enablement and Learning Platform (HELP)

HELP is a partnership between Amref Health Africa, Safaricom, Mezzanine and Accenture Development Partnerships with the goal to empower and train 100,000 community health workers (CHWs) by 2020, starting in Kenya. Together with our partners we developed a fully-integrated training platform that delivers the Kenya Ministry of Health-approved training content to CHWs. The platform can be accessed on basic mobile phones, as well as on any desktop or laptop computer. HELP is unique from other mLearning applications in that it is a fully featured platform that offers:

  • Structured Learning - Simulates in-person training methods such as role plays and quizzes using automated phone calls and text messaging and is built around a full curriculum;
  • Collaboration – A chat or messaging feature allows CHWs within the same region to collaborate and support one another while studying or while assessing patients, and to directly communicate with their supervisors;
  • Monitoring – Weekly reports on CHW performance and on a community’s health data can be sent directly through the platform and;
  • Support – CHWs have access to a toll free help desk for any challenges they encounter with the platform


In its first phase (2012-2013), 318 CHWs successfully used the platform. Average quiz scores increased from 50% to 79%. In its second phase which began in August 2014, 3,000 CHWs are being trained using the platform.



Amref Health Africa International Training Center

Since 1987, Amref Health Africa has trained tens of thousands of health workers at all levels at the International Training Center in Nairobi, Kenya. With support from the US Agency for International Development’s American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (USAID/ASHA), programs are taught by a world-class faculty  and supported by modern laboratories, state-of-the-art digital libraries, and an eLearning center where students can access all the online courses we have created.


Enrollment is open to students from all over Africa from all economic backgrounds. It runs several tailor‐made short courses for health workers using both face‐to‐face instruction and eLearning, as well as more rigorous, long-term programs for mid-level and higher-level workers. Advanced programs offered include: Bachelor’s in Community Health, Bachelor’s in Nursing, Refresher Course in Essential Laboratory Services, Master’s in Public Health, and Leadership and Management in Community Development Programs. 




"Being a midwife is all I’ve ever wanted to do...I want to give mothers and their babies a better chance."


Mary Leonard Raphael, Midwife

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