Ready to make a real difference? Join Pamoja (Swahili for Together), a community dedicated to transforming Africa’s health by donating each month. Together, Pamoja donors are making a huge impact on the health – and happiness – of communities throughout Africa.






When you join the Pamoja community, you’ll support:

Community health worker training. We train local health workers who can provide quality health services to even the most remote and vulnerable communities in Africa.

Women and girls empowerment. We partner with women and equip them to be the leaders of health change in their communities. We also work to ensure that young girls can finish their education, free from harmful traditional practices like child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM).




Grassroots, life-saving programs. We equip communities with the knowledge, skills and tools to treat and prevent diseases like Malaria and  HIV/AIDS themselves.



In one year, you can provide one teacher with training in water, sanitation and hygiene education for students in rural schools that will prevent the spread of diseases and diarrhea, one of the leading causes of death in children in Africa.





In one year, you can stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by equipping a health facility with one ELISA test kit which can provide up to 90 people with HIV testing. 






In one year, you can pay for one midwife to improve her skills in safely delivering babies during complicated cases of childbirth and to learn new skills like resuscitating newborns. 




Not ready to join yet? Make a one-time donation here.