A Personal Thank You from a Lab Technician in Uganda

With support from US donors, every year Amref Health Africa provides scholarships to students to attend the refresher course for laboratory technicians at our International Training Center in Nairobi. In Africa, patients are often diagnosed based on symptoms rather than on laboratory test results. Making treatment decisions based solely on symptoms is not an accurate method and can have disastrous consequences – frequently, misdiagnoses lead to further illness or even death. To help meet the urgent need for training, Amref Health Africa created this program for lab technicians to improve their skills. At the same time, we work with clinicians to help them understand the value of using lab testing to diagnose patients’ health problems.


One of this year’s graduates is Aloysious Magezi.


He sent us a thank you letter, asking if we could share it with our generous donors. He writes: “

I work at Mitikula Health Centre III, located in the Rakai District of Uganda. My health facility is about 35 kilometers from the Rakai referral hospital. My laboratory is a single room and we are two laboratory staff serving an average of 600 patients per month. The knowledge I gained from this training will enable me to train my colleague so that together we will implement quality control procedures for all our laboratory tests and to better manage our supplies. This will ensure we give reliable and timely test results which will lead to improved patient care.

I am very grateful for this opportunity that has been granted to me through your generous support. The knowledge I have acquired will be of great benefit to my facility and the community and will even allow me to perform tests I was previously unable to do. This will be especially helpful to patients who have been traveling long distances to the referral hospital to have their laboratory tests done."


We are please to report that Aloysius showed remarkable improvement from the start to the end of the course. He raised his theoretical examination score from a 59 to an 81, and his practical examination score from a 44 to an 87. Well done Aloysius!



We’d like to join Aloysious in thanking you for your generosity that makes the lab refresher course and our other life-saving programs in Africa possible. Thank you very much indeed!