Accenture partners with Amref Health Africa to train Health Workers via Mobile Phone

October 1st, 2013

Amref Health Africa is pleased to announce that Accenture and the Accenture Foundations have awarded a grant of $1.4 million to help us develop a pilot mobile health training program for community health workers in Kenya. The grant, which consists of cash as well as the time and skills of Accenture employees, will help Amref Health Africa equip 300 community health workers with job skills over the next 10 months and has the potential to bring healthcare services to thousands of people across Africa. 

This grant brings Accenture's direct support to Amref Health Africa to more than $4.3 million since 2005. Accenture also helped us to develop the award winning elearning training program for nurses. At the time, more than 85% of Kenya’s 20,000 nurses were trained at the certificate level but were not registered nurses. This meant that the majority of nurses were not qualified to treat critical diseases like HIV, TB or malaria. Training nurses in classrooms across Kenya is limited – only 100 can qualify each year meaning that without our elearning program only 800 nurses would have been upgraded to register level since 2005. But, because of our program, over 12,000 nurses have been upgraded.

The current pilot program is a cross-sector partnership with Vodafone Group and Safaricom, Vodafone's affiliate in Kenya. Vodafone and Safaricom are providing scalability and mobile solution expertise with technology partner Mezzanine and the Kenyan Ministry of Health, which will provide regulatory advice and access to community health workers. The M-PESA Foundation, the charitable trust funded by revenue generated from Vodafone's mobile money transfer service M-PESA, will provide funding of up to $600,000.

"Supporting Amref Health Africa helps exemplify Accenture's commitment to building skills and improving the communities in which we live and work," said Jill Huntley, managing director of corporate citizenship at Accenture. "Amref Health Africa is proving it's possible to develop replicable and scalable programs that teach crucial, even lifesaving, job skills."

"Mobile devices allow health workers to access information with minimal limitations of cost," says Dr. Teguest Guerma, Director General Amref Health Africa. "We believe that such devices will contribute significantly towards improving health outcomes and well-being of the communities we work with. As mobile phone usage in Africa is booming, there is a clear opportunity to use mobile phones as educational tools. This real time access to on-demand skills training will allow health workers to increase their effectiveness and employability."

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SOURCE: Accenture
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