Amref Health Africa Given Award by Global Health Workforce Alliance

Amref Health Africa’s work in developing African human resources for health is recognized worldwide. This award salutes their extraordinary work in supporting health workers over the last 55 years”
– Global Health Workforce Alliance.


Amref Health Africa was presented last night with the Partner Award from the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) in recognition of their exceptional contribution towards human resources for health (HRH). 

Amref Health Africa has trained more than 500,000 health workers since its inception in 1957 as the Flying Doctors of East Africa.  With innovative public and private partnerships, we have advanced the development and skills of all cadres of health workers across Africa, including community health workers, midwives, nurses, clinical officers, doctors and lab technicians, using both electronic and mobile learning as well as traditional classroom methods.  

“This award recognizes the critical role played by African organizations such as Amref Health Africa in the development of local talent and expertise in human resources for health in Africa, especially considering the looming skill demands of universal health coverage,” said Dr. Teguest Guerma, Amref Health Africa Director General.  “We are thrilled to be acknowledged by such a prestigious group of global colleagues for our role in advancing the development of human resources for health in Africa.  We thank the Alliance for presenting us with this honor.”

Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director-General, Health Systems & Innovation, WHO, presenting Amref Health Africa’s Director of Capacity Building, Dr. Peter Ngatia, with the Award

Along with significant partners such as Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, Moi and Kenya Methodist Universities, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Africa Health Leadership and Management Network (AHLMN), Amref Health Africa has also contributed to the creation and implementation of curricula to develop the leadership, management and governance skills of senior health care professionals across the continent.  Its programs further aim to strengthen partnerships and networking among training institutions in Africa to develop a critical mass of health workers for sustainable health systems strengthening.

"This award is not for us alone,” added Dr. Peter Ngatia, AMREF’s Director of Capacity Building. “It is also for the many partners who have collaborated with Amref Health Africa for years to train health workers across the continent of Africa, including the myriads of health workers who labor tirelessly to advance their knowledge and skills and provide high impact services to their patients/clients and the communities they serve."

Following the 2nd Global Forum on HRH in 2011 in Thailand, this is the second time the Alliance has presented awards to health workers and projects or teams having demonstrated significant achievements in the human resources for health field.




Amref Health Africa's goal is to work within communities to create better health in Africa. We do this, in part, by training peer educators, local community members who educate others in disease prevention.

Donating $40 to Amref Health Africa will train a peer educator so that he or she can help prevent diseases and save lives.

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