Amref Health Africa announces new partnership with Liya Kebede Foundation to train 15,000 African midwives

(Photo: The Liya Kebede Foundation)


March 17, 2016 - Amref Health Africa is proud to have The Liya Kebede Foundation as a partner and supporter of our Stand Up for African Mothers campaign. The campaign, now in its fifth year, aims to train 15,000 midwives across seven African countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Senegal, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. This will be key in reducing the deaths of mothers and newborns in the countries with the highest maternal deaths across the continent.


The Liya Kebede Foundation is a non-profit foundation that funds awareness-raising projects, and provides support for low-cost technologies, community-based education and training program.


“Amref Health Africa is making a real impact in the lives of millions of women across Africa and we’re excited to be a partner,” says Liya Kebede, supermodel, designer and founder of the Liya Kebede Foundation. “Our focus is on raising awareness of the difficulties faced by women in childbirth, and also to be part of the solution in providing training and education to ensure safe births in Africa. Amref Health Africa is doing that, and through the Stand Up for African Mothers campaign, we’re looking forward to giving more midwives the skills and training they need to ensure healthier families, healthier communities.”


Over 200,000 women in Africa die unnecessarily from preventable complications in pregnancy. It is estimated that a trained midwife can assist at least 500 women during childbirth per year and be able to deliver at least 100 babies.


“We’re pleased to have the support of the Liya Kebede Foundation as we work to spread the message that midwives save lives,” says Robert Kelty, Executive Director of Amref Health Africa. “The Foundation is dedicated to advocating for access to maternal health care across Africa, and that’s a value we share.”


Learn more about our patnership with The Liya Kebede Foundation.


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