Amref Health Africa interim CEO visits Garissa survivors

(Photo: Amref Health Africa)


May 15, 2015 – Interim CEO Dr. Lennie Kyomuhangi-Igbodipe, accompanied by Dr. Bettina Vadera, CEO Amref Flying Doctors and Dr. Meschack Ndirangu, Country Director, Amref Kenya, presented gifts and donations to the recovering students at Kenyatta National Referral Hospital in Nairobi.


In the aftermath of the deadly attack at Garissa University College in Kenya on April 2, 2015 which left 148 dead, Amref Flying Doctors evacuated 26 injured persons, 18 of whom were students. The others were police officers and soldiers from the Kenya Defense Forces. 


Survivors were flown to the Kenyatta National Referral Hospital in Nairobi, where not only did they receive visits from Amref Health Africa staff, but the recovering students were also presented with a  check raised by our team in Nairobi for those undergoing treatment at the hospital.


(Photo: Amref Health Africa)


Most of the students were doing well and some had already been discharged.  “I really appreciate you coming to see me – this was beyond my expectations,” said Everlyne Jepkemoi, a Business Management student who suffered a broken leg and bullet wounds in her hand.  In the hallway, Ben Mwiti hobbled around on crutches, a nurse by his side.  A first year student in Education in Biology and Mathematics, Ben comes from Meru in eastern Kenya. 


Dr. Lennie encouraged the students to continue with their university education once they had recovered from their injuries.  “Finishing your education is the best way to show those who tried to hurt you that they have not won.  They can injure you, but they cannot destroy your spirit.  As the staff of Amref Health Africa, we will continue to pray for you and support you on your journey to recovery,” she said.