Amref Health Africa Launches Global Rebranding

As of April 10, 2014, the former African Medical & Research Foundation, (AMREF) will formally change its logo and name to:

Amref Health Africa

Market research with stakeholders showed that the new name more adequately represents Amref Health Africa’s current scope of work.   In 57 years of health care delivery, Amref Health Africa has essentially evolved from a curative, medical services provider to a preventative, public health, training and advocacy organization. 

“We are much more than our former name would suggest,” said Amref Health Africa’s Nairobi-based Director General, Dr Teguest Guerma.  “Originally founded as the Flying Doctors of East Africa and staffed by doctors who flew propeller planes to bring health care to remote areas, much of our work now involves training health care workers at all levels and strengthening local health systems.  We also monitor and evaluate health outcomes, upgrade laboratory standards and use evidence-based information to compile research that enables us to advocate for improved health policy on both national and global levels.  And of course we continue to work with our ‘Flying Doctors’ to take specialist surgical services and training to remote areas of Africa, as well as generate income for our programs with an emergency evacuation service.”

Although Amref Health Africa is rebranding, its approach remains the same:  working within communities to equip them with the skills, knowledge and means to maintain their good health. 

Amref Health Africa has trained over 500,000 health care workers since its inception in 1957, improving the health of more than 30 million Africans.


About Amref Health Africa

Amref Health Africa, the largest African-led international organization on the continent, provides training and health services to over 30 countries in Africa. Founded in 1957 as the Flying Doctors of East Africa to bring critical health services to remote communities, Amref Health Africa now delivers preventative, community-based health care. With a focus on women and children, Amref Health Africa manages a full range of medical and public health programs tackling the most critical health challenges facing the continent: maternal and child health, HIV & TB, malaria, clean water and sanitation and surgical and clinical outreach.

Much of Amref Health Africa’s credibility with local communities and African governments stems from the relationship and trust that has been built over the past 57 years.

For more information please contact:

Sharon Rainey  T: 212 768-2440   M: 646 345-6855