Amref Health Africa runs the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon

(Photo: Amref Health Africa)


November 7, 2016 – For the second year in a row, Amref Health Africa participated in the TCS New York City Marathon – the world’s largest and most popular major marathon. This year, the TCS New York City Marathon hosted over 50,000 runners from more than 100 countries. 


Amref Health Africa received running entries from the TCS NYC Marathon as part of the Official Charity Partner Program, which allows runners to enter the race by representing and supporting a charitable organization of their choice. This year’s team of eight runners came from states all over the USA, including New York, Texas, Massachusetts and Illinois. Three of the runners have come all the way from Nigeria to represent Amref Health Africa in the race.


The team, comprised of a variety of professional and personal backgrounds, dedicated the 26.2 mile run to improving maternal health throughout Africa. Each team member committed to raising funds from their friends, family and network to support the organization’s work, particularly in reducing maternal mortality. Together, the marathon team has raised over $35,000. The funds raised from last year’s team supported midwifery training in Iten, Kenya where runners from all over the world train for marathons. The funds raised this year will continue to support midwifery training.


Sarah Bilson, from Oak Park, Illinois, explained her commitment to running the marathon and supporting Amref Health Africa:


“I ran the TCS NYC Marathon for Amref Health Africa because I believe it's an injustice that so many people continue to suffer or die from preventable health issues, while treatments exist. I wanted to do my small part to change it,” she said. “I love to run - I run to see the world, and to give myself space to think, grow, and explore. Marathons and positively impacting a humanitarian cause go hand in hand to me - neither is a sprint, both require a long-term commitment and concerted focus in order to achieve the goal.”


The race took place Sunday, November 6, 2015 with each Team Amref Health Africa member finishing in good time.