Why Partner With Us



Partnering with Amref Health Africa enhances the impact of your growth strategies, addresses systemic health challenges, and improves lives in Africa.


We start by recognizing that every organization has its own strategic objectives, markets, audiences, beneficiaries and visions for the future. Working together to identify areas of mutual interest sets the stage for developing innovative health development initiatives that add value for everyone: your organization, Amref Health Africa, your clients and beneficiaries, and our supporters.


If your goal is to align with a leading healthcare organization that has over 58 years of on-the-ground experience developing evidence based, innovative results, turn to Amref Health Africa. We are valuable to our numerous private and public partners because we:


Are local. We understand and engage the social, political, civil and traditional structures at the grassroots level to co-create impactful health programs in over 30 African countries that are locally-owned, culturally-sensitive, and sustainable.


Are health leaders. We influence government policy at both a national and global level using the knowledge and understanding we have from working with local communities.


Are evidence-based. We build the capacity of local and national health systems using evidence-based and closely monitored models to address infectious diseases like HIV, TB, and Ebola, maternal and child health, water and sanitation, non-communicable diseases, surgical needs, and health worker training gaps.


Are innovative. We drive multisectoral partnerships that build low-cost, simple, effective technologies, such as mobile health applications, which significantly improve program efficiencies.  


Partnership Models


Shared Value

Create mutually beneficial outcomes for all participants and beneficiaries by partnering with us on one of our health development projects. Reach your business objectives and facilitate health, social or economic gain for all partners.


Project Support

Fund one of our innovative, sustainable and local programs, or work with our Programs team to develop a health systems strengthening program in an area that you are passionate about.



Use your medical expertise in the field and provide desperately needed health services or surgical procedures throughout Africa. Or, donate a product or service to help our administrative and fundraising efforts.


Workplace Giving

Starting a workplace giving campaign with your employees is an easy and efficient way to make a tax-deductible gift to Amref Health Africa.




Sponsored Events

Help us organize an event that benefits not only communities in Africa, but your customers and stakeholders as well.