Sarah Rees

Sarah Elizabeth (Liz) Rees
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Urban Space Management
Board Secretary since 2016

In her current position since 2002, Liz collaboratively develops and operates temporary outdoor marketplaces for local, small creative industries—makers, designers, chefs & artists. Seasonal marketplaces include the Holiday Markets in Union Square Park and Central Park at Columbus Circle, and Spring & Fall Markets at Madison Square Park.


Prior to that, Liz was Manager, Investor Relations, for Winstar Communications in New York where she developed and maintained relationships with analysts, brokers and individual investors, researched and analyzed marketplace and competitor information for investor presentations, and prepared financial reports and memorandums. Liz was elected to the board of Amref Health Africa in the USA in April 2011. She is the daughter of Amref Health Africa’s co-founder, the late Dr. Tom Rees, and resides in New York and Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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