Our Vision to End FGM by 2030

Amref Health Africa partners with Maasai communities to save girls from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). We worked hand-in-hand with the Maasai to create Alternative Rites of Passage - which allows girls to become women in the eyes of the community without undergoing the dangerous and harmful practice of FGM. Thanks to donors and partners like the Maasai, Amref Health Africa has helped over 13,000 girls in Kenya and Tanzania undergo Alternative Rites of Passage. 


Despite the work we've done, millions of girls are still at risk to being forced to undergo FGM. That's why, we want to end FGM by 2030. Download and read Our vision to end FGM by 2030 below and learn more about our plan to help girls grow up safe, empowered, educated and free from FGM.


  Download Our vision to end FGM by 2030

Did you know?

It only costs $50 to help one girl undergo Alternative Rites of Passage - allowing her to live without FGM, and become the woman she dreams of being. Change the life of one girl today.


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