Program Videos

Learn more about our work and hear directly from the communities we partner with on the ground. These videos cover a variety of our projects from reproductive health for teens to expanding access to clean water for whole communities. 

SCHAP: Scaling Up HIV/AIDS Prevention in Uganda

Through the Scale-up of Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Prevention Services Project, or SCHAP, we're working to reduce the number of new HIV infections in Uganda. SCHAP strengthens local health facilities' ability to provide prevention services like HIV testing and counseling, couples counseling, condom distribution, and male circumcision, which is the project's main method of reducing new HIV infections. Why male circumcision? Safe male circumcision performed by a trained health worker reduces the chances of contracting HIV by up to 60%. 

Improving Maternal Health in Iten, Kenya 

Learn how we made quality maternal care more accessible in Iten, Kenya - the marathon training capital of the world, and home to TCS NYC Marathon champions like Mary Keitany and Wilson Kipsang. We trained new and existing midwives to provide quality care and provided health services to families living too far to visit a hospital. 

Unite for Body Rights in Tanzania

Through the program Unite For Body Rights, Amref Health Africa empowers youth with education about their reproductive health and rights. We're working with community leaders to end child marriage and female genital cutting, and to teach their neighbors how those two traditions violate the rights of young girls in Tanzania.

Ending FGM One Community at a Time in Kenya 

Traditionally, Maasai girls would undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) when they reached a certain age. To end this harmful practice, we train community leaders to educate their neighbors about the dangers of FGM and how it violates the rights of the young girls in their community. We also teach them to empower the girls in their community and support them in pursuing an education.

Partnering with Communities to Find Sustainable Water 

In Kajiado in Kenya, Amref Health Africa is partnering with communities to find long-term, sustainable solutions that will give everyone access to clean water.