Accenture is a global management consulting and outsourcing company whose main focus is bringing affordable business technology expertise to the international development sector and promoting private sector engagement in sustainable development.



The collaboration between Amref Health Africa and Accenture has led to significant steps forward in providing new solutions to some of Africa's most challenging health issues. Together, our work on a groundbreaking eLearning project in Kenya has helped train thousands of nurses quickly and cost-effectively and this model is being replicated in ten other African countries. Following the success of this project, Amref Health Africa is now developing other simple technology solutions to increase and improve the number and skills of frontline health workers in Africa.


Accenture has also provided support with Amref Health Africa’s work in IT, knowledge management, corporate account management and risk management. In Africa, Accenture has seconded staff to help develop new corporate strategies and to strengthen Amref Health Africa's project management systems.


 “Accenture’s partnership with Amref Health Africa – which started in 2004  has already delivered tremendous results. The pioneering five-year eLearning program, which has been jointly developed by Accenture and Amref Health Africa, offers new, exciting avenues for developing health resources in Africa. We are very proud of our association with Amref Health Africa and are looking forward to a growing and mutually beneficial relationship.”

Jill Huntley, Director of Corporate Citizenship, Accenture


Innovative Mobile Health Solution - Health Enablement & Learning Platform (HELP)



There is a severe shortage of community health workers (CHWs) and community health volunteers in countries across Africa. With appropriate training, CHWs can bring basic medical services to communities providing education and counsel to pregnant women and preventing potentially fatal diseases such as pneumonia, malaria, TB and HIV in both mother and baby. Accenture, Safaricom, Mezzanine, mPesa Foundation and Amref Health Africa partnered to develop a mobile health platform to train this vital segment of health workers on basic mobile phones using Ministry of Health approved curricula, including interactive features that allow for supervision and group discussion. 


Currently in Phase II of training 3,000 CHWs and 60 Community Health Extension Workers by 2016, the next phase will aim to empower 100,000 CHWs by 2020. Amref Health Africa also seeks to bring other NGOs and stakeholders into the partnership in order to more quickly and efficiently scale up training of CHWs across sub-Saharan Africa.     




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