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Allen & Overy’s (A&O) ambition is to help the world’s leading businesses both maximize the opportunities that globalization presents and meet the potential challenges. A&O continue to invest in a growing network of international offices that covers Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, the Americas and most recently Africa. With 46 offices in 32 countries, their footprint is among the largest of any legal practice.



In October 2014, A&O staff selected Amref Health Africa as their new global charity partner and will contribute fundraising, volunteering, and in-kind support over two years towards our work improving girls’ access to education in Tanzania. 



Project in Focus - Increasing Access to Essential Reproductive Health Education



Pregnant girls are often expelled from school in Tanzania, leaving them unable to complete their education. As a result, 5,000 girls a year are illegally denied their right to education. Why does it matter? Because today’s girls are tomorrow’s wives, mothers, caregivers, entrepreneurs and leaders. Because women are the key to ending the cycle of poverty. By starting reproductive education in primary schools and working to influence cultural practices, young girls can avoid pregnancy and potentially fatal complications, complete their education, gain decision-making authority over their own lives, and ultimately promote economic development.


Amref Health Africa has already succeeded in reducing pregnancy rates among primary school girls in Southern Tanzania from 257 per year to 10. A&O now works with Amref Health Africa to extend a similar program to Northern Tanzania reaching 32,600 boys and girls in Meatu with essential reproductive education.


“Amref Health Africa is an excellent charity, and this transformative project has struck a chord with people across our global network. Beyond raising the vital funds needed for this work, we are keen to share the many different professional skills of our people to provide the maximum benefit to the local community.” 

David Morley, Senior Partner, Allen & Overy 



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