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Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is a global medical devices and pharmaceutical company that aims to advance the health of communities in which they live and work. They fulfill this mission by developing enduring partnerships that deliver community-based solutions to health challenges. Together with their partners and focusing on three strategic areas: saving and improving the lives of women and children, preventing disease among the most vulnerable, and strengthening the health workforce, they make life-changing, long-term impact on human health.



Amref Health Africa and J&J have been partners for over 20 years and currently collaborate on several strategic and mutually beneficial health projects that improve access to high-quality health services. Together, we are leveraging our areas of expertise and extensive local, national and global networks to build a strong health workforce, improve management and governance, and improve infrastructure and supply systems.   


Project in Focus – Management Development Institute


Students at the 2014 Management Development Institute held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


“The MDI program is a results-based management course that has greatly enhanced my management skills and ability to effectively organize the HIV couple counseling and testing campaign.”

Lulu Henry Jeku, MDI Graduate, AIDS Information Center, Uganda


Now in its tenth year, The Management Development Institute (MDI) for healthcare organizations is a one-week intensive, Executive MBA-like program designed to enhance the leadership and management skills of managers and leaders of sub-Saharan African organizations, governmental and non-governmental, that are devoted to delivering healthcare services to underserved populations.


The program has been specifically designed to assist African ministries of health in implementing their particular national health priorities. The MDI program was designed by world-class management faculty from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and by leaders of Amref Health Africa. The course is led by instructors from UCLA, Amref Health Africa and by outstanding faculty from other African universities, including the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, and the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town. Nearly 1,000 health leaders from 32 African countries have graduated from the course.


Representatives from public health systems along with their NGO implementing partners learn management tools, frameworks and knowledge that enables them to increase the quantity and quality of health services they provide, along with improved access to those services. The lessons are practical and aimed toward successfully meeting the complex challenges faced by African health systems.


Online features for sustaining engagement after the conclusion of the course include the Community Health and Development Project (CHIP) website which showcases projects conceived during the course and implemented by MDI graduates upon return to their communities. The MDI Sharing and Learning Platform (MDI-SLP) launching in 2015 will provide another means for the alumni to learn and share experiences beyond the training sessions. The platform will serve as a Community of Practice meeting location where alumni can:  share new ideas and innovations; provide on-going support to each other; learn about in-person events and networking opportunities and; celebrate achievements resulting from years of experience managing health systems in Africa.


“Johnson & Johnson values our partnership with Amref Health Africa to strengthen the capacity of the African health workforce. Amref Health Africa in the USA has been a powerful partner in the design and implementation of healthcare leadership development programs that reach 32 African countries every year and have trained almost 1,000 health leaders since 2004.”

Michael Bzdak, Executive Director, Corporate Contributions, Johnson & Johnson USA



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