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Providing nurses in Kenya with advanced training in maternal care


In Kenya, we are training more health workers to perform more advanced tasks such as blood transfusions and C-sections. With more advanced training, nurses and midwives can save even more lives.

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Training health workers to prevent disease outbreaks


In Tanzania, we're training health workers to prevent deadly disease outbreaks at the community level.

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Training students to be peer health educators


We provide students with tools and training to set up their own School Health Clubs.

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Providing health education to skilled artisans in Ethiopia


In partnership with the lemlem Foundation, we brought needed health education to local artisans in Ethiopia.

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Keeping diabetes under control in under-served areas


Meet Binti, a 16 year old living with diabetes in Kenya. Thanks to Amina, a health worker we trained, she is able to keep her diabetes under control.